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OMR-080 (Part 1) Surf You Next Tuesday 3! (PART 1 of the Vinyl), CD/Vinyl Pre-Order) Summertime 2024!

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Vinyl (Pre-Order) Random Color


Side A: Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards, The Routes, Zako, Os Brutus, The Centellas, Total Death Mechanics, The Thunderbeats, The Space Agency 

Sode B: The Frigidaires, King Pelican, The Del Vipers, Mark Malibu & The Wasagas, The Atom Jacks, Los Dedos, The Guantanamos, Las Aranas Del Neptuno


Vinyl pre-order! Includes Bandcamp Digital Download and Stickers! First part of the Vinyl should be out first half of 2024! That is THIS record here. Obviously you cannot put all the songs from the CD on one Vinyl record, and i really hate to cut out some songs, so i have decided to make this monster TWO separate Vinyl releases, a Part 1., and later (End of 2024…a Part 2!) Each Vinyl part will be limited to 250 random colored copies along with their respective limited Wax Mage copies. They will have the same Cover art, but i’ll adorn them with different stickers on the Polybag, plus the inserts my be different obviously. More details to come! 

***If you pre-order this Wax Mage and then later decide you do not want it, i will not send out refunds until the records have pressed. 

***Not responsible for damages occurred through USPS in transit. 

The CD is now available! It comes with a digital download as well!