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Otitis Media Records

OMR-080 (Part 2) Surf You Next Tuesday 3! (VINYL Pre-Order!) Anticipated FALL 2024!

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Featuring: Side A: The Meteoroids, Terreur Twist, Sys Malakian, The Fuzziyama Surfers, Genki Genki Panic, Kolga, The Green Reflectors, Perro Agaradecido

Side B: Los Oxidados, Los Abosmos, The Strings Aflame, Wiped Out, The Surf Hermits, The Whys, Chewbaccas, Les Robots


Vinyl Pre-Order for Surf You Next Tuesday 3 (Part 2)! Limited to 250 Random Color Vinyl pressed! And 25 Wax Mage Variants pressed. 

**Not responsible for damages that occur through USPS/Shipping