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Otitis Media Records LLC

OMR-025 THE SINO HEARTS “Rock n’ Roll Hurricane” 12 inch Vinyl LP

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The Sino Hearts “Rock n’ Roll Hurricane” LP. Random Colored Vinyl. Comes with two sided printed Inner sleeve and Obi Strip.

Amazing set from China, the boys from Beijing sinking their teeth into the flesh of every cut and crunching through to bone, nonstop great cuts from go to whoa, getting it going from the get go and never letting up, opening with a 60-second blast of punk rock and blasting through the whole side, flipside opening with the 60-second title track which ends with "Let's Go" to launch into the next number and never letting up, heart-punch rock 'n roll power pop with that 1-2 punch of punk rock, drops on the asphalt and hits the ground running, lifted off the blacktop with a booming bottom, bassline like plate iron, driven home like an ambulance ride on the main drag, running red lights with the bubblegum machine flashing, bypassing the hospital to get you to the rock n' roll doctor, thumping over manhole covers and taking you for a ride in their rock n roll machine, mother, jugs and speed blasting by the lovers, muggers, and thieves, hitting you with the defibrillator paddle to get your heart pumping again, overflowing with the punk rock sounds of driving rhythm and loud licks of electric guitar, fueled to the cap with influences from the fast and fun side of that garage rock from the 1960s and plenty of the punk rock of the 1970s, Bo Diddley and Ramones, Chuck Berry and the New York Dolls, Eddie Cochran and the Mean Jeans, The Boys and the Big Boys, The Clash and the Real Kids, The Dictators and Exploding Hearts, blasting out of all those influences like a brand new roadster burning rubber out of the early morning Shanghai smog. -- winch (green noise)